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Via F. Dall'Ongaro 81 - Rome - 00152 - Italy

Santa Croce 975 - Venice - 30135 - Italy

- M - 339 3588169

- Skype Carolinkaskype


Caroline Pagani, Actress, author and polyglot playwright , (French, English, Spanish)


Graduated in Philosophy with a thesis in History of English Theater, and specialized in Theater Sciences and Techniques, in Dramaturgy, with a thesis on Eros in Shakespeare.


She attended the "Shakespeare Intensive" course for actors at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York.


She trained as an actress and has also worked with:

Center International de Théatre, Teatro Stabile di Torino, Teatro Stabile del Veneto, Biennale Teatro, Teatro delle Albe, Calixto Bieito, Giorgio Strehler, Valentina Cortese, Peter Greenaway, Mauro Avogadro, Valter Malosti, Giuseppe Marini.


She collaborated with theoretical-practical teaching and research activities with the Department of Arts, Music and Show of the State University of Milan.


She collaborates as a dramaturg with the Baretti Theater of Turin directed by Davide Livermore. She has published various theatrical articles for specialized magazines and the theatrical texts: Hamletelia , Teatreide, Luxuriàs. Lost in Lust.


She won the Fersen Prize for Dramaturgy with Hamletelia and Luxuriàs .

She translated, wrote, directed and performed Shakespeare's Lovers ,

Tragos Prize with "Shakespeare's women between Theater and Visual Arts".

Mobbing Dick , (awarded and produced by the Italian National Women's Union) Teatreide, Hamletelia, Luxuriàs , with which she won many awards, in Italy and abroad, as best show, best text, best direction, best actress.


She translated Steven Berkoff's The Secret Love Life of Ophelia .


She is writing the book: To Bed with Shakespeare .

A tragicomedy.

A show-concert on the singer-songwriter and visual artist is planned

Herbert Pagani, "Only for the love of Love".



Photos by Barbara Ledda - Black and white photos by Federico Ferrantini; Marcello Norberth

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