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Lost in Lust




By Caroline Pagani and Filippo Bruschi Photo by Lazlo Norberto Passi & Tania Brassesco


With Caroline Pagani



Stormy night. A mysterious woman carries with her obsessive images of a man and a weapon. She goes to a shaman to understand the origin of his visions and overcome the pain. Through a journey of hypnotic regression into her past, she discovers that her Soul has inhabited the body of Francesca da Rimini.


The character cannot overcome the trauma of the famous broken kiss, of her past that has become an eternal hellish present. She then embarks on a particular therapy, all theatrical, in order to no longer be won by destiny but a winner in the struggle of Love against conventions. Telling the few historical facts we are aware of, the woman reconstructs her own story as an action poised between real passion and literary fiction, not just a personal drama, but a tragedy of all men possessed by the ineluctable force of Love.


The story of the heroine thus moves from the level of literary fiction to that of real passion: the focus on the tragic-ironic dimension that crosses the encounter in which it she no longer distinguishes between literature and life.


As in a shamanic rite or in a séance, dragged into the vortex of an incessant flow of consciousness, our heroine invokes great women who can help her to free herself from her past, to reject the weight of the unjust sentence she is serving: Eleonora Duse , Franca Valeri and Moana, the Monnalisa of porn. Will they be able to help her in her heroic battle against the pitfalls of karma?

Luxuriàs is a tragicomic parable, which touches on the theme of feminicide, outlining a chameleon-like character, caught between desire and death, nostalgia for one's roots and eternity, Romagna and hell, a place of the mind, which can inhabit all of us.

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