Curriculum Vitae

Caroline Haggiag Pagani 


2007 Stella Adler Studio of Acting, New York

2006 Master's Degree in Theater Sciences and Techniques, (Dramaturgy-Direction), Faculty of Design and Arts, IUAV, Venice. Thesis: “Eros in Shakespeare: from text to stage”. And the staging of the play "Shakespeare's Lovers". (Translations, dramaturgy, direction, stage, costumes, interpretation).

Speakers: Luca Fontana, Carlo Majer, Angela Vettese.


1999 Degree in Philosophy, State University of Milan, with honors, aesthetic-theatrical address.

Thesis in History of English Theater - “William Shakespeare's Macbeth Direction Project”.


1995-97 School of the Piccolo Teatro of Milan (auditor).


- Graduated in Languages from the European School of Luxembourg.

- He attended acting and directing workshops with Luca Ronconi, Dominique Pitoiset, Andrew Wade



French: Excellent, second language

English: excellent knowledge, spoken and written

Spanish: fluent written and spoken

Hebrew: scholastic spoken and written

German: notions




- Singing lessons, (mezzo-soprano / soprano vocal texture) with soprano Liesl Odenweller.


2018 - "Kiss me" Masterclass, with Roberto Latini, Biennale Teatro, Venice

- Workshop "Lessons of Dramaturgy" with Vitaliano Trevisan, Proxima Res, Milan

2017 - Drama workshop "Golden legends, the lives of the saints", with Laura Curino, Napoli Teatro Festival.

2013 - Workshop on "Venus and Adonis" and "The Rape of Lucrezia", ​​with Valter Malosti, Festival

Spring of the Theaters, Castrovillari.

- Stage “Tutto Ibsen” with Mauro Avogadro, Milan.

-Stage on “Les Bonnes” by Genet, with Giuseppe Marini, Rome.

2012 - Workshop on Chekhov's “Three Sisters”, with Mauro Avogadro, Rome.

2011 - Workshop with Calixto Bieito on “The Limits of Theater”, Biennale Teatro, Venice.

-Laboratory on Hamlet, Sandro Mabellini, Tertullian Space, Milan.

2010 -Professional master for actors on Hamlet, Jurij Ferrini, Ovada.

2007 - Won an award for the "Shakespeare Intensive" course for actors in English, Stella Adler Acting Studio, New York.


2006 - Actor workshop with Alain Maratrat, IUAV, Venice.

2005 - Direction workshops with Dominique Pitoiset and Luca Ronconi, Venice, Gubbio.

2003 - Workshop on a Doll's House by H. Ibsen, with Mauricio Paroni de Castro, Teatro Litta, Milan.

-Stage "Theater of the catastrophe" on Finale di Partita by S. Beckett, conducted by L. Loris, T. Olear, R. Molinari, R. Traverso, A. Mormina, Out-Off Theater, Milan.

2002 - Seminar on P. Pasolini's Pilade with Antonio Latella, Out-Off Theater, Milan.

2000 - Workshop "Cantiere Orlando" on Orlando in love with MMBoiardo, with Marco Martinelli,

Ermanna Montanari, Venice Biennale.

1999 - Workshop "From Boiardo to Shakespeare" on Morgante by Luigi Pulci, with Marco Martinelli and Ermanna Montanari, Venice Biennale.

-Laboratory-show on Ubu roi by A. Jarry, conducted by Marco Martinelli, Teatro di Leo, Bologna.

1998- Assistant director for "Forecasts: directors of tomorrow at the test" in Macbeth, directed by Stefano Boselli, Teatro Pier Lombardo, Milan.

- Stage on the "physical training of the actor" conducted by Mamadou Dioume, Milan.

- Workshop on Shakespeare's Macbeth conducted by Mamadou Dioume, Verona.

- Seminar on "the energy of the actor" held by Jurij Alschitz, Spazio Zelig, Milan.

- Seminar by Eugenio Barba on the activity of Odin Teatret, Piccolo Teatro, Milan.

1997 - Assistant director to Shakespeare's King Lear - AR Shammah, F. Parenti Theater.

1994 - Voluntary assistant director for Pirandello's Giants of the Mountain - Strehler, Teatro Lirico, Milan.

- Workshop "Studio Laboratorio dell'Attore" by and with Raul Manso, Milan.

1985/88 - Courses in diction, mime and acting, Centro Teatro Attivo, Milan, with N. Ramorino, N. Bonati.

1983/86 - Modern dance course "Coréothéâtre Françoise Van Den Broeck, Luxembourg.




He collaborates as a dramaturg with the Baretti Theater of Turin, directed by Davide Livermore.



-Todi Festival, Simple , curated by Elena Bucci.



-Biennale Teatro, Kiss me , performance by Roberto Latini, Teatro alle Tese, Venice.



- Napoli Teatro Festival, Golden Legends, the lives of the saints , author and actress, directed by Laura Curino.

- Hamletelia, tour, Prague, Divadlo Kampa.




- Invited to the Shanghai Shakespeare Festival with Hamletelia , Shanghai Theater Academy

and Institute of the Arts, Barcelona.

- She won the Tràgos prize for the essay "Shakespeare's Lovers. Shakespeare's women between Theater and Visual Arts", Piccolo Teatro

- The Lunch by Renzo and Lucia, directed by Chiara Bazzoli, CRT Salone, Milan, Festival Acque e Terre.



- Fersen Prize for Dramaturgy with Luxuriàs. Lost in Lust. - Luxuriàs, by C. Pagani and F. Bruschi. Abruzzo Circuit Entertainment.

- La Terra trema , directed by Falk Richter, Biennale Teatro, Teatro La Fenice, Venice.



- Mobbing Dick , by Caroline Pagani. (With Caroline Pagani and Emanuele Vezzoli) Teatro Due and Teatro Hamlet,

Dramaturgical Festival, Rome (Best Actress Award).


- Hamletelia , Rome tour, Conciatori Theater, Milan Tertulliano Theater, Naples, Elicantropo Theater.



- Teatreide , by Caroline Pagani and Filippo Bruschi, Bellini Theater, Naples

- Notturno d'Autore , prog. by Federico Fiorenza, Hamletelia, Abruzzo.

- Troilo and Cressida , prog. by A. Preziosi, Teatro Stabile d'Abruzzo, L'Aquila, (Cassandra).

- Musicultura , narrator for concert on Herbert Pagani, with Fabio Concato.

- Le Roi s'Amuse , dramaturg and actress, directed by Davide Livermore, Teatro Regio Puccini, Turin.

- The XII Night , directed by Sandro Mabellini, Tertulliano Theater, Milan. (Maria and Curio).

- The Lovers , Carlo Goldoni, directed by Gianluigi Fogacci (Clorinda) Villa Piccolomini, Rome.



- Seven Sins. Envidia . Directed by Calixto Bieito, Biennale Teatro, Venice (actress / dramaturg).

- The XII night , directed by Sandro Mabellini, Festival Quartieri del'Arte, Viterbo (Maria / Curio).

- Mobbing Dick , text, direction, interpretation, production Teatro Baretti, Turin.

- Hamletelia, dramaturgy, direction, interpretation, Teatro Libero, Milan.

- Le roi s'amuse , V.Hugo, dramaturgy, actress, directed by Davide Livermore, Teatro Baretti, Turin.

- The War of the Roses , directed by Omar Nedjari, (protagonist), Teatro Verga, Milan.



- She won the “Tutti in Scena” award, Italian National Women's Union with the text Mobbing Dick. (actress, author, director)

- Hamletelia , dramaturgy, direction, interpretation, Teatro Zeta, Teatri Possibili, L'Aquila.

- Idomeneo , Mozart, directed by Davide Livermore, Teatro Comunale Bologna, (mime).

- Ubiq , Menoventi, Fondamenta Nuove Theater, Venice.



- The Bronte Sisters , Bernard de Zogheb, directed by Davide Livermore, Baretti Theater, Turin (Suor Perfida).

- La Fille du Régiment , by G. Donizetti, Teatro Verdi, Trieste, Dramaturgy and Diction, directed by Davide Livermore.

- Hamletelia , dramaturgy, direction, interpretation, prod. Baretti Theater, Turin.

- Macbeth , W. Shakespeare, Florence English Speaking Theater Artists, Bargello Museum, La Pergola Theater, Florence.

- The Wedding at Cana , directed by Peter Greenaway (narrator), Venice, Biennale.

- He won the prize for best direction and the "SinestesiaTeatro" prize (best show)

Piccolo Re di Roma Theater with Hamletelia and 4 awards at the La Corte della Formica Review, Sancarluccio Theater of Naples: best actress, best direction, best show, 1st popular jury prize.



- Hamletelia , by W. Shakespeare, dramaturgy, direction, interpretation, Leipzig, Internationales RegieFestival. Jury and audience award.

- International Theater Laboratory - “Mediterraneo”, Venice Biennale, Flying towards Simurgh, directed by Elisabetta Brusa, San Servolo. (Hoopoe).

- Our soul , Alberto Savinio, curated by Monica Centanni, Goldoni Theater, Venice (Psyche).

(assistant director).



- Shakespeare's Lovers: What William did to women , dramaturgy, direction, interpretation, Teatro Fondamenta Nuove, Venice.



- Shakespeare's Lovers : dramaturgy, translations, direction and interpretation, Venice, Teatro G.Poli (Isabella, Giulietta, Lady Macbeth, Lucrezia, Titania, Desdemona, Cleopatra).

- The Angel and the Aura , theatrical and sound action, directed by Francesco Esposito, Produz. La Fenice Theater, Malibran Theater (Il Verme, monologue).


- A tear in the sky. Tribute to Herbert Pagani , directed by Giancarlo Nanni, Teatro Vascello, Rome (Actress and assistant director).

- The Adventurer and the singer , Hugo Von Hofmannsthal, curated by Monica Centanni, Cà Pesaro, Venice (Arianna).



- Le Baccanti , Euripides, directed by Luciano Damiani, Teatro di Documenti, Rome. (Actress and assistant director).

- Turandot , Bertolt Brecht, directed by Ezio Toffolutti, Magazzini Ligabue, Venice (Turandot).

- The Nun of Monza, Proceedings of the trial of Sister Virginia Maria de Leyva , directed by Fabio Battistini, Teatro di Verdura,

Milan, (Sister Candida Colomba).



- Lucrezia Borgia , G. Donizetti, directed by Marco Martinelli, Teatro Comunale, Bologna.



- Yehoudi Menuhin, directed by G. De Bosio, Ponchielli Theater, Cremona (acting voice).

- Edoardo II, C. Marlowe, directed by E. de Capitani and F. Bruni, voiceover in English, Teatro dell'Elfo, Milan (speaker of the dead).

- Homage to Herbert Pagani, directed by Luigi Chiarelli, Teatro delle Erbe, Milan.



- Anaїs , from " Incesto ", "The delta of Venus" and "Diari", directed by M. Filatori, Teatro ì, Milan, (Anaїs Nin).

- Ubu Roi , Alfred Jarry, directed by Marco Martinelli, Bologna, Teatro di Leo, prod. Teatro delle Albe, (Mother Ubu).

- " Tango" , Recital (narrator of the history of tango), direction, R. Piano and René D. Pacitti.



- Seated , G. Frigerio (from Beckett, Pinter, Shakespeare), Teatro dei Contrari, Rome, (Gertrude).

- Other Days Will Come, Recital in memory of Herbert Pagani, Portofino Theater and Clarisse Theater,

Rapallo (reciting voice in Italian and French).



- Rosa Carne by E. Cesaretti and M. Ferraresi. Theater-dance show (polyglot gypsy).

- Strictly confidential : show-confession (texts: Valeria Moretti, Duccio Camerini, ("Pura di cuore", "La blemmiatrice").

- Crimes Cult, or Assassins Born , from Delitti Esemplari by Max Aub, directed by R. Di Gioia, Spazio Studio Atto I, Milan, (monologues, various murderers roles).

- Macbeth , W. Shakespeare, directed by Mamadou Dioume, Moncalieri Theater, Turin, (Hecate, witch).



- Amphitryon , from Plauto, Molière, Kleist, directed by G. Tramontana, Teatro Olmetto, Milan. (Alcmene).





- “Temporary solution”, Maurizio Mirai, Bellaria Festival, on Tina Modotti e

- "Frida Kahlo", by Fabrizio Caleffi, (Frida Kahlo).

- "Franzie", scripted for Bayerische Television, Venice, Mestiere Cinema, 2009.

- The ballad of the Susanne. Directed by Luigi Scaringella, Prod. Synchro, Venice, 2008.





From 1999 to 2003 he collaborated in teaching and research activities at the University of Milan in the Department of Music and Performing Arts, at the Chair of History of the English Theater.


- He has held institutional courses and seminars on the history of theater and stage space from its origins to the present day, has been a member of the commission for the exams and tutoring of the degree thesis.


- He collaborated with MAS, Music Art and Show School in Milan as a teacher of diction.


- Directed the show in English "A Breath of Air", in the dramaturgy workshop led by M.Rose, University of Milan.

- He participated in the conference “Metamorphosing Shakespeare. The Mutual Illuminations of the Arts ”, as lecturer, University of Ferrara, 2003.


- He has lectured on the Scespirian productions of Nekrošius, Othello, Macbeth, Hamlet, Teatro Strehler, Festival MasterClass, Milan, 2002.





- The anthropological-cultural variations of the symbolic meanings of colors in "Leitmotiv", Motivi di Aesthetics and Philosophy of the Arts, LED University Editions, Milan, 2001, available on, E-journals , n.1, (Electronic Archive of Academic and Literary Texts).

- The Macbeth imagined by Eimuntas Nekrošius. Ut Pictura Theatrum , in TESS, Theater and Entertainment Magazine,

and Theater writing workshop, from text to stage. Director's notes. CUEM, Milan, 2002. - Shakespeare and the occult philosophy of the Renaissance. Ut Occulta Philosophia Poesis and - The Aesthetics of Color in Shakespeare's Macbeth, in Materials of Aesthetics, CUEM, Milan 2002.

- In bed with Shakespeare. A tragicomedy. In the editing phase.

- Hamletelia , Fersen Prize for Dramaturgy, 2013, Fersen Prize for Directing 2017.

Teatreide , by Caroline Pagani and Filippo Bruschi, Homo Scrivens, Naples 2013.

Luxuriàs. Lost in Lust , by Caroline Pagani and Filippo Bruschi, 2015 Fersen Dramaturgy Award.

Tragos European Prize for Theater with the essay: “Shakespeare's women between Theater and Visual Arts”, Piccolo Teatro, 2017.


2010 - present

2010 - present



Actress  Author  Dramaturg

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