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Teatreide is a compulsive, burlesque, moved journey through the history of theater. A journey that begins as the lesson of an eccentric and cultured professor, to gradually transform into an erotic-spiritistic session. Aristophanes, Molière, Wilde and others are invoked. Lemurs that still appear very much alive and that on stage show their most inspired and strictly anti-academic sides.


There is no shortage of the latest news and a breviary for directors and actors who want to be successful today!


It seems to be possible. The last notes of the rhapsody fade into a soft melancholy: will we consume theater on skype? Perhaps, but nothing is lost: the journey could resume tomorrow, our time is still full of possible theaters, of scenes to inhabit. Just tear off the old and new labels and love words, music, lights, even the armchair neighbor who "snaps in chat on the cell phone".


Caroline Pagani is incarnated and disincarnated, she changes century, era, sex. She likes to be on stage, and the scene likes to be from her animated body. Whether discussing the beauty of Shakespearean language or parodying a performance, his theater is always an invitation to the viewer to enjoy the riches of the scene, of language, of speech, to participate in the banquet offered by the actor, by the actress. .


“Teatreide” is a theatrical foray, which runs through the actor and his times, through a journey in some epochs of spectacular production. It starts from the origins of the theatrical representation to reach our contemporaneity, placing a magnifying glass on various forms of entertainment, including performance and experimentation, to reflect, through a sort of lesson-show, on the crisis of the theater or on the theater of crisis.



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