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Press extracts

"This very particular work of art on Shakespeare is lived, as a revelation from a friend to friends. An hour and a quarter of a stream of memories that flow in the veins, not in the ears. Because Hamletelia's monologue is not a voice, it's life. ” Paola Ornati, Teatrionline


"Intense, strong, poetic, cheeky, funny monologue by Caroline Pagani, concerted with a skill, an engaging ability to quickly change register, to change visually, to be physical and abstract".

Paolo Petroni, Corriere della Sera


“An intelligent and very elegant dramaturgical intuition. A romantic and gothic madness where Ophelia's delirium and naivety are calibrated with exquisite precision, embodied by an actress of rare stage intelligence ”. Alessandro Paesano,


A refined and insanely brilliant rewrite. Enigmatic, comic, seductive. " Domenico Orsini


“A theatrical triumph of irony, eroticism, sacred and profane, madness and divinity, love and death”.

Anna Arena


"The lively and sparkling and at the same time dramatic interpretation of Caroline Pagani who is also the author and director, gives us the unpublished portrait of a woman and an intelligent example of how to reinterpret with awareness and depth one of the masterpieces of Shakespeare's genius."

Vera Santillo,


"In a whirlwind of changes of clothes and voice, of lights and quotes, Caroline-Ofelia gives life to a profound and entertaining show, which makes you think without boring, and which we could also consider a tribute to Shakespeare's work, the kaleidoscope of human characters never seems to be fully explored ".

Rosanna Saracino, Saltinaria

"Hamletelia is a great female exploration in a tragicomic key of the work of the greatest English and European playwright handed over to modern history, a successful operation thanks to its extraordinary interpreter and author. From the monologue we draw a precious lesson that no one had ever dared to do. not even caress, that is, that Shakespeare's fool, after all, could also be a woman ".
Claudio Elli, Puntoelineamagazine


"A show that makes us reflect on how a great classic can continually be a source of new ideas and perspectives, especially if it is a fervent, brilliant and rigorous mind, like that of its author and interpreter, to do so." Emanuela Mugliarisi, Persinsala


"A talented and multifaceted Caroline Pagani dresses and undresses, modifies her voice, lulls us with the musicality of an acting that alternates Italian with English by Shakespeare and sings, transforms herself, disguises herself in a stage space that fills and brings to life with a fascinating and deep text. There is a lot in this complex text, full of stimuli, interpreted with intelligence, drama and irony ”. Claudia Pinelli, Sondalife


It is Ophelia's 'revenge', a revenge proposed as a witty monologue and also a bit daring from an erotic point of view. [...] A good vision in 'reverse', in short, that the actress Caroline Pagani expresses with irony and sagacity without transcending in 'trash'. Humorous. Vittorio Lussana, Italian periodical magazine


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