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Mobbing Dick

Winner of the 2009 Italian National Women's Union Award

Best Actress and Audience Award La Corte della Formica Festival Naples 2010

Best Actress in Rome 2013 Drammaturgica Competition



Mobbing Dick is a show with a biting, satirical and sentimental irony, a glimpse, in a brilliant key, among gags and disguises, on the condition of female artists in the world of show business.


This is the case of our Charlotte , an actress who comes to an audition for a play on Eros. Landed at the audition with a suitcase full of Shakespearean female characters, she runs into a Master very different from what she had imagined. A director with very little interest in her artistic qualities and whose philosophical drifts eternally return to "the origin of life".

The two do not understand each other, they have different languages and imaginaries, and their misunderstandings generate a succession of hilarious and surreal comic moments, which re-propose, in rhapsodic form, the thousand faces of a reality that is certainly not unknown but, still today, politely silent and removed.


Exit the eroticism of verses, orgasm through aesthetics, the various ways of tellying desire on stage.


In the piece a plot and a sub-plot, a main and a secondary plot intersect and overlap. The dramaturgical framework of the audition-interview - tragicomic reflection on the world of auditions and the star system - is superimposed on a journey into Eros through some female characters from William Shakespeare's works : Isabella from Measure for Measure, Juliet, Titania of the Dream of A midsummer night, Cleopatra and the heroine of The Rape of Lucrece.

All women mad for their passions, stubborn, capable of incredible dedication, boundless admiration. Queens women.


A feminine and fantastic circle, a gallery of contemporary characters and characters. Women, as well as the auditioned, united by a destiny written by their passions, by their relationship with the demon of Eros .

Thus, in the sad oppressions of an actress, poor soul at the mercy of the system, they are perpetuated and also reflected those historically suffered by women. A reflection on the loving passion, and on making theater.


Why are so many Shakespearean women so wretched? What does their destiny have in common with that of one of the many actresses who, full of hopes and illusions, face an audition in search of a Maestro ?


The last and irreplaceable saving power is entrusted to the verses of Shakespeare: beyond the stage and the trappings of the theater, the word. And its echo.


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